Download Literatin

Before you download literatin, please tell us something about yourself in the boxes below.  This will help us to know how far our project is reaching and what types of people are interested in it:

What will we do with your information?

All of your information will be kept anonymously and only used in support of this project and to help us make this tool better.

Using Literatin

There are three ways of using the extension:

  1. Clicking the icon – This will capture and check all the visible text on the webpage
  2. Highlighting specific text on a page, then clicking the icon – This will test the selected text
  3. Clicking the icon and copying your own text in, then clicking the ‘Check Readability’ button – This will check your inserted text



Get Chrome:

Get Firefox:


Click Here to Download Literatin for Chrome (Recommend Version (v3.4): native extension with more advanced features, *will update to newer versions automatically*)

Click Here to Download Literatin for Firefox (Functional version (v2.6): currently missing some features)

Uninstall Literatin

Chrome: right click the icon and then click ‘Remove from Chrome’.

Firefox: Firefox Menu > Add Ons, then click the Remove button next to Liteartin


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